If you have come to Japan in search of ancient temples, lush forests and maybe even to get a glimpse of a real geisha, Kyoto should be on the top of your bucket list. Japan’s cultural capital is bursting with cultural photo-opportunities and as a first time visitor it’s hard to choose between countless temples and parks - Which places are truly worth visiting?

Now, If you, like me, are inseparable with your camera and will start fidgeting excitedly just at the thought of so many creative opportunities - look no further! I’ve selected the 5 most instagrammable place in Kyoto, so you know where to go on your next Japan trip!

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Have you ever felt the disappointment of asking a stranger to take a photo of you and it turns out he cropped of half of your body in every single shot? Have you ever felt the sudden urge to hire your personal photographer for your solo trips, just because you felt sick of all your selfie stick shots? Chances are, you neither have the budget to hire a professional photographer, nor do you want to constantly bother strangers just to be frustrated with the results.

Well, look no further! I am sharing my 5 ultimate Solo Travel Photo Tips with you, to make sure your next trip won’t just be memorable but also highly instagrammable!

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