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The hardest part about fitness is not the workout. It's staying motivated. 

We all now how it happens. All you need is one tiny excuse for your routine to derail and catapult you back to 0. Your planned run is quickly dismissed when the new episode of your favourite show drops. Or the 5pm yoga class is suddenly unimportant when you hear that the annual ZARA Sale has started. Seriously I've actually driven the whole way to my gym just to turn around at the entrance because I decided that I'd rather want to check out the new bookstore around the corner. Keeping up motivation is fucking hard. But behold! Over the last years I've collected some of the best advice that will help you up and ready to kick-ass!

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 Most of us aren't the determined and purposeful spirits we wish to be. At least I am not. So I cheat myself. If you have ever heard of conditioning you will exactly understand how this works. Just like parents can trick their kids into loving to go to the doctor by rewarding them with a visit to the movies afterwards, you can trick yourself to find pleasure in working out by connecting one incentive with the other. How you ask? Listen to your favourite new album, your favorite podcast or a audiobook you love. But here is the twist: you may ONLY listen to it while your working out! And If you're not into that kind if stuff it should work with food and other little pleasures as well (try to stay away from junkfood though).

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 Pretend to be a healthy person and our minds will get used to it. The human mind is a funny thing. Ever heard if the saying: Change your mind change your behaviour? It actually works the other way around as well. Did you ever notice that smiling even if you dont feel happy will make you happy? Use that strategy for your workouts. Act like a fit and healthy person and you will eventually become one. The mind takes a while to adjust new habits. I noticed often If I followed my healthy routines and ate well I will end up much more motivated to work out during the day. Fake it till you make it, baby!

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Don't get me wrong here. Like I said before having a routine is important. But to keep up your motivation you should NOT do the same workout every day. Apart from being not very productive you will eventually start getting bored. To keep this from happening I do yoga or zumba once or twice a week. During the summer I also love to go run outside. Try out new courses or workouts to challenge yourself. I personally love doing group workouts since the spirit is super fun and the time passes much faster.

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Think baby steps: If you truly don't feel like you can get out the door, just put on your workout clothes. If that feels good, throw on some sneakers. If you are still looking for high quality workout gear that will make you feel like a pro everytime you put them on check out Lulu Lemon. They're... are the most comfortable pair of pants I've put on. I've been wearing them for a whole year and they havent lost shape. Click below to shop my favourite workout look!



When I feel like I want to skip training, I tell myself I just have to go into the gym, get warmed up, then I can go home. Nothing hard about that, it's not even exercise. Then, when I'm warmed up, eh, I'm sure I could manage one set of push ups. Then, I might as well do the other two sets. And hey, I used all that effort to get here, I might as well add a set of crunches and do those three sets of squats too. And then, well, there's only deadlifts left to do, might as well do them. Although I tell myself I could go home after this next set, I've never yet actually found myself going home until I've finished the whole thing. Stops it being so daunting, especially when I'm finding it particularly hard.

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There is no point in going to gym everyday when you are still stuck on an unhealthy diet. The rule is 70% diet and 30% workout. Therefore a good workout will not make up for two meals of fatty junkfood. You will only get depressed and unmotiviated because you dont see any improvements.  Cut out processed snacks and replace them with fruits. Stick to natural unprocessed food for your main meals. Apart from helping you loose fat it's much better for your body anyways. This way you can still treat yourself occasionally without feeling bad afterwards.

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Remember all those times you tried clothes on and they didn't look good because of the extra weight, or the times you wanted to wear shorts and weren't brave enough? That always gets your ass moving — it's not about keeping the motivation, it's about remembering why you started in the first place, and asking if you really want to start all over again because you couldn't be bothered.

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Jamming out during your workout is totally engaged. Not only can upbeat music raise your motivation to get sweating, but it can also make you do your workout even stronger and more intense. See music as a way to fuel your fitness sessions.

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The best way to keep up your fitness motivation is by making your workout your hobby. Look for a free time activity that is fun for you and keeps you challenged. Wether marathoning, swimming, climbing or dancing. Once you get involved to a hobby it is much easier to stay motivated and achieve your longterm goals.



Get your friends and family involved in your healthy and active lifestyle plan. If you all commit to eating well and getting active, it can help create strong bonds and fun times. Plus, research suggests that partnering up during workouts helps you stick to your program and drop even more pounds. Double win!